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Dirty Dandelion Soap

Jumpin' Juniper

Jumpin' Juniper

Scents: Pure essential oils of orange, juniper berry, & patchouli for bright, yet grounding forest smells

Features: Coconut milk, hemp oil

Fresh and feisty with a subtle foresty waft, this soap will jump into the juniper of your heart. For hand and body with enough creamy lather to serve as a shaving soap (legs, arms, face, back--you name it, you can shave it with this soap!)

Hemp oil adds an extra special element providing a hard bar with suds to make you smile into the billowing forest of bubbles. 

Ingredients: Olive oil, RSPO organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, cocoa butter, organic virgin hemp oil, & castor oil; kaolin clay, cocoa powder, lemon peel powder, indigo, tussah silk, coconut milk, & rosemary oleoresin

Weight: 4.7 oz

Label art credit: Sally Lavin, Newport, Oregon

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